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Looking for the #1 Contact Management program for Health & Life Insurance Agents?
Strategic Agent Files™: Client Database
• Contact Management • Relational Database •
Client Details • Address • Phone Numbers • Emails • Much More • Policy Details •
• Medical Insurance • Life Insurance • Long Term & Short Term Care • Income & Assets •
Take your organization skills to the next level!

Only $199.95
Special Pricing may be available, check with your FMO and or have them contact us.

This program is FREE for 30 days or 30 records.
When you decide that you like it, contact us for a license code.


Custom design using Filemaker Pro. We create FMP Database Files and also Stand Alone Runtime Applications for your specific needs.
Mac and Windows.

DloadMacVersion DloadWinVersion

These are Zipped files, for Windows use 7-ZIP and for Mac use Stuffit or another Expander application.

Click HERE to Download the Apple MacIntosh Version

Click HERE to Download the Windows Version


Just some of the benefits:
• Password Protection
• Names, addresses, phone numbers, emails, birthdays
• Keep track of Life/Health/LTC/STC/Assets, etc.
Policy Information: IDs, Company, Plan Names
• Policy Summary: Searchable
• Policy Values, Premiums

• Keep Compliant
• Client Identity Theft Information Protection
• Track Referrals & those that Make the Referrals
• Lead Tracking
• Search Everything: Birthdays, Policy Types, etc.
• To-Do Lists: Multiple ways to keep on schedule
• Sales tracking: Per client, Commissions, more...
• Client Notes: Everything you have done & need to do
• Keep track of meetings, dates, phone calls, quotes....
• Mailing Labels
• In-Depth Medical History Assessment for every client
• Client Address Mapping
• Appointment Address Mapping

Affordable Design!

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Client Notes
Policy Lists

To-Do Lists
Completed Lists

Appointment Maps

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Life Insurance
Assessment Form

Contact Lists
Mail Labels

Long Term Care
Assessment Form


Sales Records

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Some functions require internet access. Help for importing data available at additional cost.